Basket making

This weekend I went to a basket-making workshop with my daughter. On the first day we made an aboriginal reed basket, and on the second I made a melon basket while she made a dilly bag. I did not have high expectations of my results as I think much better in two dimensions, but was delighted with the results! It was surprisingly hard work, we both had sore fingers and were exhausted by the end of the weekend, but once you were weaving the repetition was peaceful. One of the nicest things about the experience was learning that all the materials are freely available in the bush or even in suburban gardens – I am now looking at people’s gardens with a much more predatory gaze!

2baskets_web melon_basket_web


Drift – a long evolution

This drawing was started over two years ago, and has undergone dramatic changes in that time. It has been abandoned for months at a time, but I always had to come back to it. Starting life as a series of blobs, in the same way as Elemental, first I worked into it with pencil, rubbed most of it out, then with brown-toned black ink, making some of the ink bleed by brushing on water. The next step was working in again with blue-toned black ink, and again forcing bleeds with water. Along the way fine linking lines were added, and now I am beginning to add punched holes.

However, this is not the end – more pen work is needed, and ultimately I am planning to cut it up to make a cube … there may even be some colour added, but probably not. For me this is a large work, A2.

Below, the first image is the drawing as it is now, followed by it in its pencil stage (with some untouched areas of original blob), then details of the most recent version.

drift3_web drift1_web drift3detail1_web drift3detail2_web drift3detail3_web