Update on nine small paintings

The nine small paintings that were in various stages that I posted in January (see here) have developed further (it’s taken a while!). Seven of them I consider to be finished, but the left and centre paintings in the last row are not as polished as the others. I think I am going to leave these two as they are … maybe. I like the looseness of them from a distance, but up close they look a bit rough. I need to work out what is important, the neat finish or the freer approach. I am thinking of developing a series worked in a looser way. Any comments?



Miniature exhibition up and running

The exhibition of miniatures is hung, opened and in full swing. The opening on Thursday night went well, a buzzy crowd of people filled the room to capacity, the speeches went well and four works were sold. The feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive, so now I can breathe a sigh of relief and sit back for a little while. On Friday afternoon I was  interviewed on local radio about the exhibition, along with Di, my vice president, and enjoyed the experience! I found it’s surprisingly easy to talk about something that you are very familiar with. The interview went for about 40 minutes, so I hope it will generate more visitors for the exhibition.

A couple of photos below of a few of the works before the visitors arrived, a shot of the outside of the Mint, with people gathering on the balcony outside the room and one of me thanking Suzanne Bravery who opened the show. Suzanne is the daughter of the founder of the society and spent many years working  for the Historic Houses Trust, quite a few in the actual room where the exhibition is held – pure coincidence, which made Suzanne a perfect opener.

Mint01 Mint02

The Mint2 Anna thanking Suzanne2