Miniature art awards


Last Friday was the opening of the annual awards exhibition for the Australian Society of  Miniature Art. Over the last few months I have been very involved in the organising of the exhibition, designing forms and the invitation, liaising with all involved, but finally it was all hung, judged and open. To my great delight I won an award, and it was the one that gave me the greatest pleasure, as it was for the most imaginative drawing. To me imagination is the most important driver of all I do. All four works I submitted were accepted, one being the little book I posted a couple of weeks ago. The drawing is in Indian ink on white scraperboard, and had its origins in a random swish of ink on the board, then I found birds within the mark, and brought them out with some scratching away and some extra ink added. It is very small, only 7 x 6 cm.



A fairy story

Some fairy stories are wild and scary, with monstrous creatures and cruelty. Others are sweet and gentle with a happy ending. This drawing has elements of both. There is fur, and teeth, and wings, and claws. Eyes looking out and ears pricked. Find what you will.

It might remain as a drawing, but it might end up converted to a book. It is pen and ink on hot pressed Arches paper. The lower image is a detail.

fairystory_web fairystory_detail_web

One new, one not so new

Square formats appeal to me, and virtually all the paintings I have done over the last five years or so have been square, most very small, 10 x 10 cm, some quite large, 60 x 60 cm and several, like these medium, 20 x 20 cm. The one on the left was done a year or so ago, and when I completed the other I realised they belong together! Something I have gradually come to realise is that virtually all my paintings have a strong diagonal in them, but I have no explanation for this, other than it satisfies something for me compositionally.