Sketches from Yorke Peninsula and Kangaroo Island


The heat, dust, flies and grand red rocks of the Flinders Ranges seem a long way away now. Kangaroo Island is cool, damp and green but with spectacular scenery of a different kind. We have found that bush camping is the only way to see the best parts of the island, as they are in the remote corners, along dirt roads.

When I last posted, we were in Wilpena Pound, a unique geographical feature of an enclosed area surrounded by a range. There is one entrance, along a creek. The outside rocky landscape is spectacular, a dramatic barrier, but from the inside the perimeter is gently rolling hills.

From there we headed south into the Yorke Peninsula, shaped like a leg. One beautiful campsite was at Cable Bay, in the toe of the foot. The beach had a rocky backdrop and interesting shells, seaweed and corals. We watched dolphins fishing and walked high on the cliffs.

A few days of civilisation in Adelaide for a family reunion, seeing people we haven’t for some time, a wonderful group of interesting and diverse people, then off to Kangaroo Island.

Once again I’m not sure of the quality of these photos, and the Internet connection is very poor, so bear with me!



Sketches from the Flinders Ranges

The landscape in the Flinders Ranges and Gammon Ranges has been formidable, red rocky peaks, fields of wild flowers, creating strips of purple and yellow. The weather has been extreme, very cold nights, very hot days, high winds, dust and the flies … But the experience is worth it. One highlight was bush camping in the Warraweena Private Conservation Park. Everyone gets their own campsite, ours was by a dry creek, with massive old river red gums, wattle in blossom, kangaroos and emus wandering by. We have driven some hair raising 4wd tracks and seen majestic gorges and unexpected waterholes, we have made the best beer damper in the camp oven. I don’t have enough time to detail everything, but there are many great moments, and still a week more in the Flinders. The sketches were done often battling the elements (and flies!) so many were very quick. Please excuse the quality, they were photographed on my iPad. Please leave comments, but don’t necessarily expect a speedy response, as I only have limited Internet access!

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