Guest Doodlewash: Travel Sketching

The delightful Charlie at Doodlewash has been kind enough to give me a guest artist spot on his blog. He is a great supporter of all sketching art and watercolour. Such a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people! Thanks Charlie, much appreciated.


Doodlewash by Anna Warren

Doodlewash by Anna WarrenMy name is Anna Warren (Follow me on WordPress, Facebook, and Instagram!). Growing up in the UK, camping was not a big part of my life, but now I live in Australia it has become a huge part of my life. Each year we go into the furthest corners of Australia, exploring areas that most Australians never get the chance to see, let alone people from other parts of the world. Wherever we go I take at least one sketchbook – nowadays it is generally an A4 hardback book, my favourite being one from Daler Rowney, but I have also used Stillman & Birn and Hahnemühle.

Doodlewash by Anna WarrenI often also carry a small sketchbook that will fit in my backpack when walking, a selection of waterproof pens of different thicknesses, the fine ones, (.05-.3) are my favourite range, and a Winsor & Newton travel paintbox. The paintbox…

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Dried orchid flower

These small drawings were getting me back to drawing after a break of several weeks, having been travelling, then Christmas and other interruptions. My daughter had been given a beautiful orchid, but one stalk had died, leaving the crisp, dry flowers still in place. The folds and twists immediately attracted my attention, so I rescued the flowers before they were disposed of. I have drawn them larger than life, and once I had drawn the basic form I allowed my imagination to continue the drawing, so in many ways these are not an accurate representation of the flowers at all, but an extension of their form.

Maybe I will do large drawings based on these, but I have photos of more of the dry flowers that I can work from to make more small ones like these. They are drawn in a 14cm square sketchbook, using Derwent pencils for the first and Faber Castell graphite for the second – it has been interesting for me to compare the results from the different pencils – not sure which I prefer.