Guest Doodlewash: Travel Sketching

The delightful Charlie at Doodlewash has been kind enough to give me a guest artist spot on his blog. He is a great supporter of all sketching art and watercolour. Such a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people! Thanks Charlie, much appreciated.

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25 thoughts on “Guest Doodlewash: Travel Sketching

  1. So happy to see your featured post on Charlie’s Doodlewash, a great read. Love your work and your ability to make even a discarded broken sea shell a beautiful piece of art. Thank you for sharing the journey and the inspiration.


  2. Anna I was thrilled to see you featured on Charlie’s blog and love seeing it here on your blog. You sketches and watercolor always delight me. I could spend hours looking at your work! Beauty really is in all the little details!


    1. It was a great compliment to be asked – such a great opportunity to reach different people, but you are the one who drew my attention to Doodlewash when Charlie featured you and your beautiful sketches. I love just looking at yours too, you have such a great design sense, and the most perfect fluid line. And yes, we both love the little details don’t we!


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