Daily sketching (or not …)


Back in July I decided it would be a good idea to do a sketch every day in preparation for the long camping trip I would be going on at the end of the month. I knew I would be doing a lot of drawing on the trip, so this seemed like a good way to get into practice. The obvious thing to document was my collection of objects gathered on previous camping trips. This went well, and most of the July sketches were documented here. I did spend a lot of time drawing during the three and a half months I was away. (See posts from August through to October 2015).

However, once I returned the daily drawing slipped a bit and it is only now I am starting to get back into it, just slowly. So, below is a gallery of small sketches showing some of the odds and ends from my collection (and a hibiscus flower I found outside my house).

All the drawings are done with a waterproof pigment liner, mostly between .1 and .3, coloured with Winsor and Newton watercolour, in a 10 x 15 cm sketchbook.


Exploring more blots


Time for a new take on the blot-inspired imagery. I decided, instead of one large piece of work, this time I wanted to do a series, with the intention of linking them into a larger piece. So, eight pieces of paper have been prepared with random blots, once again using Liquid Pencil. The above is the first one completed. I worked to the edges of the paper so that there can be continuity with the next piece, and in a further development from Evolution (see here) I have brought in more colour, which has been suggested by the faint colour that comes with the different toned Liquid Pencil.

To me in this imagery there is a sense of floating, of objects that are sometimes only seen in the air when the sun catches them in a particular way, like the spiders’ webs that can be seen in the early morning or by torchlight at night. They feel impermanent, insubstantial, ephemeral.

All the drawing is done with pencils, the graphite is 2B in a clutch pencil with a 2mm lead which can be sharpened to a needle-point and the colour is Pablo and Luminance pencils made by Caran d’Ache. Very expensive pencils, but with the richest and most permanent colour. The paper is Magnani Corona 300 gsm 25 x 35 cm.

Below are details from the drawing.