Print assemblage


As so often happens with my work, this was started some time ago and then set aside for the ideas for completion to gel. In my earlier post about this (see here, also for a gallery of the individual panels) I felt that the panels needed to be sturdier, and it was suggested that I add wood to the backs, and make them darker. So I bought some sheets of balsa wood and painted them with shellac, to give a warm, transparent and slightly shiny colour. Also, I have re-stacked the panels – originally there were only two in each level, which made a tall, narrow tower, but it was not stable. Here there are three panels to each layer, so the structure is more squat and grounded. I continued to wonder if more need to be added, maybe even threads to link the pieces together, but now I think it is a satisfying form as it is. The panels are simply pushed in place, not glued, so it can still be taken apart and re-stacked. Choosing a title has been difficult, but at this stage it is called ‘Growing Up’, a reference to the plant forms on it, and the fact it is not a flat object, but that could change.

The prints are multiple layers of etchings, drypoint and monotype and the structure in this configuration is about 28 x 28 x 28 cm.


The blot series 4 and 5


The so-called blot series continues … as I do more, the character is changing, and so are the names I am choosing. ‘Galaxies’ still seems a good overall title, with individual titles for each. This one is more colourful, and has a few whimsical parts which I am not sure work … such as the dangling spheres on the lower right. When I look at small details I feel like expanding on some of these, enlarging them and redrawing them with more detail. Maybe that is the next development.

Details of No 4


This one, number 5, is back to the limited palette, more understated with more graceful forms. I have called this ‘Filaments’, and it is now framed and ready to go into an exhibition.


Detail of Filaments.


The first three in the series. All are worked on a base of Liquid Pencil random blots, worked into with graphite pencil and coloured pencils. The paper is Magnani Corona, and each drawing is 25 x 35 cm or 10 x 14 in. Filaments has been cropped for framing to 18 x 27 cm (7 x 11 in).